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Future Innovation - Q3 2016 Cruzer Sport

Tomorrows technology is unfolding all around us. In the next 10 years we will be able to see all sorts of changes in our lives that we can barely imagine today.

Cruzer Sport - 72V -  63Ah - Lithium powered - 45mph - Multi Media & Nav

Urban Mover is working hard to realise tomorrow's world of electric travel, but we need your involvement and feedback. Our key stakeholders - customers, suppliers and distributors, are our partners - driving innovation, helping to shape a future that offers everybody freedom in the world of future transport with the benefit of zero emissions.

It is the quiet, clean, emission free way that we promote and believe in, that brings us closer to the people we care about, wherever they are in the world.

Together we can build a world that turns this vision into reality.