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A Brief History

Urban Mover began right at the start of this century in 2000, when a small team of engineers realised that there was an opportunity to produce a new range of electrically assisted vehicles, based on the newly emerging lightweight battery technologies. The name Urban Mover came about when the team was analysing their initial target market - that of urban commuting and moving people from one point to another via zero emission vehicles - Urban Mover was born.

HistoryAt that time, the idea of a lightweight quality and affordable electrically assisted bike was a relatively new one. However, the newly formed Urban Mover team set about the huge task of designing and developing a new lightweight range of pedal assisted bikes that would be affordable, economical, non polluting, desirable and fun to use. In 2003 the company was formally incorporated following 2 years of R&D and prototype testing.

Urban Mover grew steadily in the early years and developed a small range of powered bikes that were to be used as a test bed for future development. But it wasn't until 2005 that it had sufficient evidence of a successful, lightweight and stable battery technology to power its next generation of bikes. This new battery was to be supplied by one of the worlds leading battery companies Panasonic - who provided all our lightweight Li-ion batteries in our pedal assisted bike range up to 2011.  We now use the superior Sony High Current Discharge Li-ion batteries in all our latest models.

The company Urban Mover, has expanded very quickly in recent years - developing a complementary off road leisure range of electric power boards, electric scooters and an electric ATV, plus the development and launch of a fantastic range of world beating road legal electric motor scooters under the Lexola brand.

By the middle of 2007 - 7 new licenses were granted across 4 continents and in 2008 Urban Mover granted licensing rights in the USA. By the end of 2008, 80% of all sales were generated from outside the UK. Our goal is to have a presence through licensing agreements - in every major country across 5 continents by the end of 2010. To date, we are on track to achieve this key goal to spread the brand, the values and vision of Urban Mover across the globe.