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Key Statement

Urban Mover and Lexola are world leaders in LEV (light electric vehicle) design and manufacturing, providing innovative Zero Emission solutions to a growing portfolio of clients and customers worldwide.


Urban Mover

Our environmental policy

Urban Mover's environmental policy seeks wherever practicable to:

  • Keep up to date and comply with legal requirements
  • Implement environmental improvement to ensure operation at best practice standards
  • Use natural resources as efficiently as possible
  • Avoid use of materials from non-renewable sources or materials that involve significant impact on the environment, especially in the provision and use of packaging for our products
  • Use environmentally responsible suppliers and contractors
  • Encourage clients to adhere to environmental policies and adopt renewable energy programmes
  • Regularly monitor environmental performance


Environmental aims - Energy and commuting Urban Mover will:

Energy use

  • Strive to minimise the use of energy resulting from group activities through making energy a key consideration when purchasing and maintaining lighting, heating and office equipment
  • All group building lighting will be switched off completely when the buildings are not occupied
  • All computers and printers will be switched off when the buildings are not occupied
  • All computers and printers will be set to make good use of any environmental features such as power save settings
  • All items will be switched off (with the exception of main servers), rather than placed on stand-by settings at the end of a business day


  • Encourage all employees to use Urban Mover Zero emission transport for daily commuting and short distance weekend and evening use