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Urban Mover's legendary um70

Urban Mover's legendary UM70 made a guest appearance on Scrapheap challenge in the UK on October 2006, after which it was screened globally throughout the following year on cable, terrestrial and satellite TV. Scrap heap challenge is a reality programme challenging some of the greatest engineering minds with some of the biggest technological challenges ever, by asking two teams of technical experts to produce a motorised vehicle literally from a pile of scrap. In this case the challenge was to make a powered mountain board.

This programme demonstrates the prowess of the UM70 U-surfer power board as a global benchmark to show each team what a real power board was like and demonstrates how they should ride and perform. This was expertly demonstrated by the programmes guest judge - UK slalom Skateboarding Champion - Michael Stride, aboard our world famous UM70.


Roddy Llewellyn is joined on the show by UK slalom Skateboarding Champion, Michael Stride