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Urban Mover advanced manufacturing technology

We use many advanced manufacturing techniques that have been developed through intensive engineering and real world testing. For instance, in our aluminum tubing production, we can make parts and a variety of specific tubing shapes, thus keeping a much tighter control on quality and cost. All our manufacturing processes are certified to the international quality standard of ISO9001 and all our products proudly carry full CE certification and compliance.

Other manufacturing techniques employed, maximize the material’s strength whilst reducing weight to a minimum, integrating it into all our frame designs to enhance their functionality and practicality. Through the use of these cutting edge processes, Urban Mover offers the most advanced technology, whilst keeping overall costs to a minimum.

Multi coat painting process

We use in-house state of the art Japanese built multi coat painting facilities, that combine and integrate all graphics and artwork into the painting process. Each bike frame is then given a final clear lacquer coating for added durability.

UM Bike Frames

All our new range of bikes are built with the very latest cutting edge bike frame technology using the very best 6021 aluminium alloy. The 6021 alloy is blended from an optimum mix of elements that make up the special alloy used in all our frame production and is a very malleable material that lends itself well to fracture proof forming and bending. However, when an alloy tube is butted, it requires extreme heat treatment for hardening to achieve and meet Urban Mover's tough strength specifications to resist torsional forces.

UM Frame aluminium hardening process

All Urban Mover frames receive heat treatment that uses a special combination of temperature and liquid curing. The frames are put into a purpose built oven and literally baked to a temperature of 525°C (1090°F). After removal from the oven they are cooled in a liquid solution bath by a special quenching process - all controlled by a highly sophisticated computerized logic controller. This digitally controlled method ensures that the aluminium cools at a uniform rate, reducing any potential flaws. Once the cooling process is complete, the frames are realigned to exacting tolerances. The frames are then heated again to a temperature of 180°C (390°F) to complete the heat treatment process.

Pre delivery product testing

Every single product that we produce, is individually bench tested, road tested and adjusted to fully ensure that it reaches our customers in absolutely optimum condition.


All our bikes leave our factory in custom designed recyclable boxes. Each carton is actually a double box to provide maximum protection during transit. All internal torsional box strengthening is made from specially engineered 100% recyclable pre-formed reinforced cardboard.