26V Cell Pack (UK built Factory Refurb by Urban mover technicians using your old case).

Urban Mover


26V Cell Pack (UK built)  This is the inner soft cell pack plus the cost for our technicians to refurbish your existing battery pack.  You simply need to send us your old battery complete and once refurbished, we will send it back to you with new pack inside for years more use on your Urban Mover bike.

Model suitability includes all the following 26V bikes:

Urban Mover

  • UM24
  • UM26S
  • UM33X
  • UM36
  • UM44
  • UM44L
  • UM55


  • Velocity 26V
  • Traveller 26V folding bike
  • Ridge 26V
  • Liberty 26V


  • Peak 26V
  • Ride 26V

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