Urban Mover

the future is now

Urban Mover is without doubt one the world's most innovative dedicated electric vehicle (EV) companies and has fast become one of the most respected brands in its sector.

Urban Mover is not about marketing fads and theme invention just for arts sake. In all our products there is a real sense of purpose, practicality and usability. In our design, there is a purity and legitimacy to the process and a dogged sense of conviction to the finished product.

Good design has longevity, and this is reflected in the core product that we offer our customers. The challenge is not just to maintain this value, but to continually improve designs based on our dealers, distributors and customers needs.

We now use one of the most extensive testing facilities for electric vehicles in the world. The E-vehicle simulation lab (EVSL) can test for most road conditions and speeds up to and beyond the design parameters of the vehicle, providing a unique challenge for some of the world's most capable electric vehicles. The Lexola G3000SX was the first of our new range of EV’s to fully utilise these new facilities. Urban Mover and its sister company Lexola is committed to a continual process of innovation and improvement, which will maintain our lead within the sector for many years to come, as we develop and launch future road legal, state of the art electric scooters, power boards and bikes from 2018 on.

The Company

Urban Mover was conceived at the very start of this century to capture the rapid development of battery technology, matched with the growing need for a high quality, desirable and affordable range of LEV's (Light Electric Vehicles). Having established a strong presence in the UK over the following 5 years as the country's fastest growing LEV company, Urban Mover began its international expansion.

Urban Mover may have changed size as it expanded into new markets, but its ideas and values haven't. It has continued with the same commitment to making people's daily commute and short distance travel needs - easier and more enjoyable.

Urban Mover - Today

The Urban Mover passion and personality have always nurtured great understanding of our customers. This is at the heart of our brand's international success and the reason why many Urban Mover initiatives have today become the industry standard. We know that people care less about technology and more about the benefits it can bring them - either as a business or in their daily life.

We are now actively developing new licensees in other countries across the globe, through a planned expansion programme that will provide true global coverage to meet the growing needs of all potential customers around the world.

Globally, Urban Mover is now one holistic brand that stands for the same things in every country that it operates in.

Locally, Urban Mover continues to focus on strengthening its relationship with customers in each market by providing them with the best products, best build quality, best value for money and a fantastic range of zero emission products with an after sales service that others can only dream of.

Future Innovation - Q4 2018 Cruzer Sport

Tomorrows technology is unfolding all around us.


in 2004, Urban Mover became the worlds first electric bike company to use lithium-ion batteries on all our range of electric bikes. We continue to innovate by using the latest cutting edge technologies - such as our new Urban Commando and the stunning Cruzer 4 wheel all terrain buggy (right hand photo).

In the next 10 years we will be able to see all sorts of changes in our lives that we can barely imagine today.

Urban Mover is working hard to realise tomorrow's world of electric travel, but we need your involvement and feedback. Our key stakeholders - customers, suppliers and distributors, are our partners - driving innovation, helping to shape a future that offers everybody freedom in the world of future transport with the benefit of zero emissions.

It is the quiet, clean, emission free way that we promote and believe in, that brings us closer to the people we care about, wherever they are in the world.

Together we can build a world that turns this vision into reality.

A Brief History

Urban Mover began right at the start of this century in 2000, when a small team of engineers realised that there was an opportunity to produce a new range of electrically assisted vehicles, based on the newly emerging lightweight battery technologies. The name Urban Mover came about when the team was analysing their initial target market - that of urban commuting and moving people from one point to another via zero emission vehicles - Urban Mover was born.

At that time, the idea of a lightweight quality and affordable electrically assisted bike was a relatively new one. However, the newly formed Urban Mover team set about the huge task of designing and developing a new lightweight range of pedal assisted bikes that would be affordable, economical, non polluting, desirable and fun to use. In 2003 the company was formally incorporated following 2 years of R&D and prototype testing.

Urban Mover grew steadily in the early years and developed a small range of powered bikes that were to be used as a test bed for future development. But it wasn't until 2005 that it had sufficient evidence of a successful, lightweight and stable battery technology to power its next generation of bikes. This new battery was to be supplied by one of the worlds leading battery companies Panasonic - who provided all our lightweight Li-ion batteries in our pedal assisted bike range up to 2011.  We now use the superior Sony High Current Discharge Li-ion batteries in all our latest models.

The company Urban Mover, has expanded very quickly in recent years - developing a complementary off road leisure range of electric power boards, electric scooters and an electric ATV, plus the development and launch of a fantastic range of world beating road legal electric motor scooters under the Lexola brand.

By the middle of 2007 - 7 new licenses were granted across 4 continents and in 2008 Urban Mover granted licensing rights in the USA. By the end of 2008, 80% of all sales were generated from outside the UK. Our goal was to have a presence through licensing agreements - in every major country across 5 continents by the end of 2010. This vision was achieved. 

In 2010, we also secured exclusive rights to provide a full range of our entry level bikes to the UK's largest cycle retailer, Halfords.

Now, our key goal is to spread the brand, values and vision of Urban Mover across the globe.