26V Li-ion Battery - Sony or Samsung cells 9Ah

Urban Mover


This is a direct replacement for all 2 or 4 prong lithium ion or NiMh batteries.

NB: For older models using NiMh batteries, you will need the plate convertor (UM to replace the original sprung pin plate.

Please note that these batteries use recycled outer cases.  The cell packs and electronics are all new.Model suitability includes all the following 26V bikes:

Urban Mover

  • UM24
  • UM33X
  • UM36
  • UM44
  • UM44L
  • UM55


  • Velocity 26V
  • Traveller 26V folding bike
  • Ridge 26V
  • Liberty 26V


  • F4W Peak 26V
  • F4W Ride 26V

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